Finding Rhythm DVD-cover.jpg

Steve: Finding Rhythm


Production Company: Dreaming Out Loud/Whammo!
Camera: Nick Owensby, Brian Ullman, Andy Palmer
Director/Editor: David Ullman
Music: Steve
Cast: Matt Jackson, Sean Kammer, Logan Ramsier, Nick Robinson, David Ullman, Brian Ullman

Completed: December 12th, 2004 
90 mins, VHS, S-VHS, DV

Steve: Finding Rhythm DVD

Experience the whole harrowing and hilarious history of Steve. Follow the fun, from the group’s formation through “Jackson’s Difficult Summer,” the writing and recording of In The Event of Rhythm, the private gigs, and coffee-house concerts, the Sleepwalker Festival, right through the final song of the final show. In addition to the 90-minute feature, enjoy over two hours of bonus features, including the original Going Nowhere Fast program that gave birth to the band, plus a picture-disc reissue of the In The Event of Rhythm CD.


Disc One

  • Finding Rhythm feature.

  • Feature commentary from associate producer Ryan LaBo and Steve.

Disc Two

  • 23 Additional Scenes, including 12 additional Steve performances.

  • Going Nowhere Fast, the original 40-minute video that started it all.

  • Photo Montage of over 100 images set to 3 bonus tracks. 

Recorded on April 23rd, 2005, this segment from the feature-length documentary commentary includes the debated origin of the band name “Steve.”