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Café Days - Best In Boots Vol. 2 (2006​-​2007)

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

What started out as a bonus collection for the still-forthcoming DOG DAYS 10th ANNIVERSARY release turned into this 26-song "double-live album." I put that in quotes because A) the primary release platform is digital, 2) the physical offerings are a homemade cassette or handwritten pair of CD-Rs, and D) the source tapes--direct from my PA over a decade ago--sound much more like a "bootleg" than a "proper" live album.

As these field recordings were made hastily, without any means of monitoring the output of my voice-and-guitar amp, the quality and character of the sound varies from song to song. However, the composite show I stitched together feels to me now like a satisfying snapshot, capturing the best of what I was doing back then.

You’ll hear early renditions of the songs that became that first album, as well as oddities like “Mulletman” (its first public performance!), “Snakebit” (a coffee-shop-sanitized version), and “Darkest of Days” (for STEVE). You’ll also hear 11 cover tunes I was favoring at the time. These selections say a lot more about my influences and aspirations than I ever could here. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess there weren’t a lot of guy-and-guitar acts covering both Jewel and Nine Inch Nails in the same show.

You should be able to download or stream it wherever you get your music. However, the complicated 38-track naming scheme (I separated the introductions to songs) created several delays in distribution. If nothing else, you can stream or download it free-for-nothing at DREAMINGOUTLOUDRECORDS.COM or from my newly re-vamped website.


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