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LWSD Ep. 73 - The Boomstick, The Vegan, and Léon: The Professional

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

The opening clips of LWSD Ep. 73 are proof-positive we're having way too much fun goofing off on the "Long Walk Short Drink" podcast. I eat 24 inches of mystery meat and take in a 17 inning Twins game with The Bride. Palmer & Ash attend Alt Nation’s Advanced Placement Tour and have a bit of trouble getting home. Twinkie tells us about some tasty vegetarian alternatives, volunteers at Denver Pop Culture Con, and makes Christopher Lloyd laugh. We also discuss the ethical issues behind the scenes in the gaming industry and continue our series of 25th movie anniversaries with an extended look back on LÉON: THE PROFESSIONAL. Find us on your favorite podcasting app or watch us on YouTube.


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