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Goals For 2020

THEME: “Simply Begin Again”

  • Goals give something to aim at but should not overwhelm you or make you feel trapped. They should facilitate dreaming. - BL Podcast #131 2019 Goals


  • Clarity of purpose. Know what you want, and drop that proverbial pebble into the pond with clarity. (Me, listening to BL Podcast #131 2019 Goals)


  • “Do the work that is available to you in the moment, rather than getting hung up about what you should be working on or could be working on. The thing that wants to be worked on usually makes itself known to you.” - Sharon Lee on BL Podcast #131 2019 Goals


  • There are no small goals. Even mundane tasks like cleaning your closet can teach you about yourself and contribute to a sense of accomplishment and serve as a pathway to bigger things. (Paraphrased from Shannon on BL Podcast #131 2019 Goals)


  • Your goals need not please anyone else. “What does my mind, body, spirit, heart” want from this year?” - Shannon on BL Podcast #131 2019 Goals



  • Meet my fitbit goals 6-7 days a week

  • Do “Karate in the Garage” 15 min interval training 1-2 days a week

  • Average 15 pull-ups at a time

  • Increase flexibility such that I can perform a full-split "helicopter" kick

  • Walk with Susie and the Dogs 1-3 times a week

  • Walk at work over lunch breaks and to any meeting or shoot possible


  • Continue to drink less - 1 or 2 days a week - and rarely (if ever) alone

  • Breakfast - 1/3 cup oatmeal with 1/4 cup walnuts and 1/2 cup blueberries

  • Lunch - Salad

  • Snacks - fruit, nuts, yogurt

  • Dinner - healthy-ish  


  • Get an average of 7hrs of sleep per week


Mental / Spiritual

  • Devote 10 min a day to training my mind via guided meditations 

  • Add inspirational quotes and ideas to my “I Am The Variable” doc

  • Create an electronic version of a “coping jar” (jar of calm) or “fridge list” (in plain sight) of tools and coping strategies to look at in times of need.

    • Do a better job of implementing them--even though there is a level of comfort in knowing I have them to employ.


  • Amicable, drama free relationships with myself, my family, friends, and coworkers.

    • Interventions: Individual therapy, challenge assignments, reframing interpersonal interactions

  • Challenge Assignment - My day job has a culture where one needs to be “comfortable with ambiguity.” That does not suit my personality, but I need to find a way of working HARMONIOUSLY in that environment.  How can I be different in the same environment?

  • Achieve a balance of responsibility between “me” and “them.” Don’t work harder “than your client.” 

  • Learn how to “fight” better. An apology is not an apology if it is ultimately followed by a defensive statement. 

    • Intervention: Re-introduce the “do it better” section to my journal entries to learn from bad interactions. EG: That problem with Alison in the meeting. I wrote down what I should have done after. Do that every day for those types of failings.

    • Intervention: Apply Dr. David Burns' 5 Secrets of Effective Communication (EAR). Good podcast episode reminder. 

  • Curb my tendency towards negative narratives. Stop falling into confirmation-bias traps where I'm looking for proof of my negative thoughts just to justify them. 

    • Intervention: De-identify with my thoughts, excepting them like passing clouds in the sky without personalizing them as "my" thoughts and judging myself for having them.


  • Execute in a full and complete way personal creative projects on an ongoing basis

Doing Things I Enjoy

  • Devote at least 1hr a day to personal creative projects. Letting inspiration be my guide and reserving judgement, particularly any stemming from what I think outside validation or disapproval might be. Follow my whimsey.

  • Don’t prescribe which day will be your “just watch something” night

Trying New Things



    • Project Scratch Page

    • Record & Release 12 episodes of LONG WALK SHORT DRINK

    • DONE Design & upload sticker and t-shirts to

    • Raise our LWSD subscription number on YouTube to 150

    • Catch up on screen-capturing LWSD tweets (starting from _____date)


    • DONE 2004

    • DONE 2005

    • DONE 2006

    • DONE 2007

    • DONE 2008

    • DONE 2009

    • DONE 2010

    • DONE 2011

    • DONE 2012 (add video liner notes)

    • DONE 2013 (add PDF liner notes)

    • DONE 2014 (add PDF liner notes)

    • DONE 2015 (add PDF liner notes)

    • DONE 2016 (add PDF liner notes)

    • DONE 2017 (add PDF liner notes)

    • DONE 2018 (add PDF liner notes)

    • DONE 2019 (add PDF liner notes)

  • Develop my own Journal Books with “boxes” for this stuff, empowering quotes, etc.

  • Further organize my external hard drive and back up to Google Drive

  • Edit 2003 FRANKENSTEIN play down using 3hr Branagh audiobook as guide

    • Include mostly dialog

  • Susie Cookbook + House Menu

  • Finish archiving physical photos

Tasks & Projects

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