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Déjà Vu EP

Debut single, presented with an acoustic mix of "Secondhand" and Dog Days outtakes "Snakebit" and "Mulletman." 

This 2019 "Definitive Digital Archive Edition" download bundle also includes an eleven-page PDF liner notes booklet, featuring photos, lyrics, and more. PLUS: The "Déjà Vu" music video, re-mastered from the original 8mm source tapes.

Deja Vu Video

The following excerpt is from video producer and photographer David Urbanic's taped interview with me during the "Déjà Vu" music video shoot in Pittsburgh on July 7, 2005.

URBANIC:  You teamed up with the Ship King Multimedia group, as well as with famed-international-artist Matthew Jackson, who is a long-time friend. You traveled to Pittsburgh to work with Ship King and Jackson for promotional photography, video, and album-design concepts. While you were in Pittsburgh, you filmed a music video for the single, “Déjà vu.” Can you tell us a little bit about that song or maybe the filming and your thoughts in general about the visual portrayal of that song?

ULLMAN:  That was the first song that came together completely for the record. I recorded it very quickly; I demoed it last year. It came out very well and very fast, so it’s kind of neat that that’s been a song that the few people who have heard stuff have latched on to. I had one visual attached to it. The line that seemed to inspire the loose concept of the video was one of the first lines, and I don’t really know where it came from, says “I feel I’ve been here before, staring calmly at the open door. I knew you’d be back this way. You spoke softly, said you couldn’t stay.” That bit, wherever those lyrics came from, seems to bespeak a situation. I sort of had this visual of a guy sitting in a room looking at the door, waiting for his partner to come home in anticipation of something probably bad happening—a not so pleasant conversation that could lead to the end of the relationship. That ended up being kind of the idea for the video, which we all hashed out in the matter of a few minutes. It’s just that—a guy sitting around waiting for his girlfriend to get home, and in the meantime he’s writing and recording this song. It was really a lot of fun to do.  One of the things I said I didn’t want was to do a concept video, but that was one [a concept] that I was actually pretty comfortable with. I was pleased with the translation visually.

First released December 19, 2006

Recorded by David Ullman
Mixed by Brian & David Ullman
Mastered by Adam Boose @ Cauliflower Audio
Vocals & Guitars: David Ullman
Piano: Sean Kammer

Recorded by David & Brian Ullman
Mixed by Brian Ullman
Mastered with LANDR
Vocals & Guitars: David Ullman
Bass & End Guitar: Brian Ullman
Djembe Drum: Logan Ramsier

Recorded & Mixed by Brian Ullman
Mastered with LANDR
Vocals & Acoustic Guitars: David Ullman
Electric Guitars, Bass & 'Reason' Programming: Brian Ullman
Live Drums: Logan Ramsier, Recorded by David Ullman

Recorded by Brian Ullman
Mixed by David Ullman
Mastered with LANDR
Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, & Hand-claps: David Ullman
Electric Guitar, Bass & Hand-claps: Brian Ullman
Drums: Logan Ramsier, Recorded by David Ullman

Music and Lyrics written by David Ullman (BMI)

© 2006-2019 David Ullman

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