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LONG WALK SHORT DRINK (LWSD): A podcast in which longtime pals Palmer & [I] talk circles around life, movies, and pop culture—past and present.

CONTEXT: Palmer and I created the show in July 2016 as a means of staying in touch, as we live several states away from each other and had fallen out of contact in recent years.

AUDIENCE: Pop-culture nerds in their 30s and 40s, mostly dudes--though we strive to be inclusive and feature our wives whenever (and however) we can talk them into it. Fans of Stephen King, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Star Wars, Mad Max, Kevin Smith, Bruce Lee, Audiobooks, film & TV shows, Pinball, and nostalgia from the 80s & 90s will find much to love.

DURATION & FREQUENCY: Two-to-four hours, monthly. 

LAUNCH DATE: Dec. 13, 2016