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Live Takes

Originally available in a limited-edition of 100 hand-signed-and-numbered CD-Rs. Re-issued with revised cover art for the 2006 Kent State Folk Festival, with “If You Can” and “In Dreams” in reverse order. The exclusive bonus song, “Safe,” was also recorded in July 2005 during the same sessions.

The newly expanded digital version (2019) has been remixed and remastered from the original 2005 two-track recordings. It also features a newly created, photo-rich 12-page lyric-and-liner-notes pdf

First released January 25, 2006

Recorded live, without any overdubs or edits, as 'best takes' by David Ullman. July 2005. 

Music and Lyrics written by David Ullman (BMI)

All songs remixed in 2019 by Brian Ullman
Mastered with LANDR

© 2005-2019 David Ullman

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