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2022 Mix album cover.png

Waiting On The Lightning: 2022 Mix Album

  1. Eddie Vedder - Invincible

  2. Infinity Song - Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

  3. New Kids On the Block - Bring Back the Time (feat. En Vogue, Rick Astley & Salt-N-Pepa)

  4. Gracie and Rachel - Stranger

  5. Ani DiFranco - Subdivision (No Walls Mixtape Version)

  6. FLETCHER - Conversations

  7. Noah Gundersen - Exit Signs

  8. Zach - Improve

  9. Kiss the Tiger - I've Got Love

  10. Arcade Fire - The Lightning I & II (Live on SNL)

  11. MILCK, BIIANCO & Autumn Rowe - We Won't Go Back (feat. Ani DiFranco)

  12. Gracie and Rachel - Undo

  13. Possible Bird - Pandemic No. 9

  14. Zach - Bullets

  15. All My Love Is Coming Back To Me - S.G. Goodman

  16. Brandi Carlile - Space Oddity

  17. Bono & The Busk Choir - Running to Stand Still

  18. FLETCHER - Healing

  19. The Ullman Boys - Dream Lullaby


In the second part of our podcast talk, Kevin Conaway and I pingpong back-and-forth highlighting some of the stand-out tracks on our respective 2022 mixes. Part one is an overview of this shared tradition of ours of making mix albums. It's embedded below from Spotify. You can also find it on your podcatcher of choice. Just search for the "Dreaming Out Loud" podcast.

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