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Talking VAMPYR ('32) on Borgo Pass Podcast

Always a thrill to guest-host on The Borgo Pass Horror Podcast, but it was a real treat to get to talk about Danish director Carl Theodor Dreyer’s 1931/2 film VAMPYR with Jim Towns. I didn’t see this one until the Criterion DVD hit my local library in 2008, but I’ve been haunted by its indelible imagery and fever-dream logic ever since. Though the film has the aesthetic and free-moving camera of the silent era, it was shot in three languages—beginning almost six months before Universal’s DRACULA. It has all the hallmarks of early horror films while also infusing the then-nascent genre with experimental elements. It’s pretty widely available online and streaming (including The Criterion Channel with all the supplementary goodies). If you think you might be into it, I recommend the German version. Links to listen to our podcast discussion HERE, search "Borgo Pass" on your preferred podcast app, or hit play below.


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