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Unboxing Pearl Jam's GIGATON vinyl bundle + a review

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

My vinyl bundle pre-order from arrived yesterday. There have been some great musical surprises in the last few days (new nine inch nails AND Bob Dylan?!), but I am gobsmacked by Gigaton.

"Save your predictions and burn your assumptions." Pearl Jam's first new album in seven years is a "Superblood" record of rock 'n' roll hope and resilience from a band's band 30 years in and vital as ever! This music is so much better than it has any right to be. It's more than a "Quick Escape" from this harrowing moment. Gigaton will jump-start your heart and get your "ventricles pumping, working overtime." At least half the songs brought me to tears. The snot-stained cuffs of my navy-blue cardigan kept getting soggier with each new track--and not because it's sappy. "I won't be taken,... Won't take myself / Kicking and screaming, have to knock me off the shelf"! Gigaton is just the boost of awesome I needed right now. #PearlJamVinyl #Gigaton #PearlJam #QuickEscape #ShareTheLight


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