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Light The Dark - 10th Anniversary

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Light The Dark, my second album, turns 10 years old today. Writing for No Depression, Lee Zimmerman said at the time, “David Ullman sings with a passion and clarity that belies his relative rookie status. On Light The Dark, Ullman delivers eight songs wrought with obvious emotion, infusing a deliberation into his delivery that’s both striking and sincere. Every track reflects the strength of an artist possessed, one benefitting from both confidence and craft. There’s nothing halfway or compromising about what Ullman does; he puts his all into every offering and the results bear that out, even on first hearing.”

  1. Who You Say

  2. Wise Blood

  3. The Fall

  4. Fear Followed

  5. Light The Dark

  6. Happiest Sad Song

  7. You'll See

  8. Upward Down

Documentary Shorts & Music Videos

The above short film was made in collaboration with the late great Bobby Makar, who also directed two music videos for songs from the record (“Upward Down” and “Wise Blood”). Watching it back now, I’m reminded of first working with the amazing Tara Hanish, having the great privilege of being recorded and mixed by Jake Fader, re-teaming with my brother(s) Brian (Ullman and Yost), some sweet bass guitar performances from Kristoffer Carter and Nate Pelfrey, engineering by Kyle Collins, rock vocal coaching from Jack Storey, mastering by Cauliflower Audio, and the “Happiest Sad Song” duet with my friend Zach.

The collected music videos, documentary shorts, and even “The Vinyl Experience” can be viewed on my YouTube channel.

Behind The Scenes Video Series

Throughout the recording of the Light The Dark album, I posted weekly vlogs to my YouTube channel. The resulting 50-part video diary linked below documenting the making of the Light The Dark LP brings viewers along for the whole process—from home demos to studio sessions, rehearsals and photo shoots, mixing and mastering, crowdfunding campaign pitches and blooper reels, and even a tour of the Gotta Groove Records manufacturing facility in Cleveland that pressed the vinyl edition.

$10 Limited Edition Vinyl/CD/DVD Bundle

Experience Light The Dark the way it was intended--on 180 gram 12" vinyl. Includes full lyrics printed on the back cover, the complete album on CD, a DVD featuring music videos, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and an 11x17 poster.

INCLUDES THE DIGITAL ALBUM in your choice of audio format, with a 24-page PDF facsimile lyric notebook, a 23-minute bonus audio track interview, and an HD MP4 of Bobby Makar's music video for "Upward Down.".

All for $10 to celebrate the 10th anniversary.


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