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LunchmeatVHS + Adjust Tracking present THE CROW

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

As I write this, I’m still riding high on the incredibly kind words of LuchmeatVHS’s Josh Schafer from last night’s intro to the Rare Film on VHS screening of my ol’ student adaptation of James O’Barr’s The Crow at the RPL Film Theatre in Saskatchewan. To my knowledge, it was the flick’s first public screening since XtremeCon in Cleveland, 1997—definitely the first in Canada! As co-host and Adjust Tracking festival programmer Jon Vaughn said in his remarks, Josh has become a real champion of the movie, and it has been such a heartwarming experience to be embraced by the LuchmeatVHS community over the past year.

The above "VHSnippets" were excised from Josh's 15-minute video introduction, which (along with a few words from myself and Mr. Vaughn), played both before the in-person screening at the RPL Film Theatre in Canada and the simulcast Facebook Live Premiere on the Adjust Tracking page. It was pretty wild to see the VHS film I made with my best friend in high school listed in the RPL Film Theatre schedule right alongside Taika Watiti's What We Do In The Shadows, Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man, and Alex Garland's Ex Machina!

As you can hear in Josh’s portion of the 23-minute video introduction embedded above, INERTIA: RE-MAKING THE CROW, the feature-length documentary about the four-year process of making the film is slated for a limited-edition VHS run on Lunchmeat later this year!! Follow @lunchmeatvhs on Instagram to stay in the loop.


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