• David Ullman

Coming Soon to VHS Home Video...

Coming soon to home video from LunchmeatVHS. After premiering at the 2002 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, this documentary sat on a shelf virtually unseen—until now! Told through intimate behind-the-scenes footage shot from 1994-1998 by my friend and filmmaking partner Matt Jackson, INERTIA: RE-MAKING THE CROW chronicles the four years in which we struggled to create a faithful, no-budget VHS [re]adaptaion of James O'Barr's acclaimed comic book series, THE CROW. Follow @lunchmeatvhs for the forthcoming details about the limited-edition, VHS-only release this winter.

In the meantime, as a special Devil’s Night treat, you can stream a newly-remastered and expanded HD up-rez of our old-school home video version of THE CROW graphic novel on the Lunchmeat YouTube page:

As a special bonus, I also recorded an all-new, exclusive, scene-specific video commentary for the film--also posted on the Lunchmeat VHS YouTube channel:

Of course you can learn all about both the adaptation and the documentary on this site. Click here for all the history and info you could want about the making-of movie, and here for all the dirt on our adaptation of The Crow. And, "here's to Devil's Night... my new favorite holiday!"