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March-ial Arts Madness

Two Dollar Late Fee Podcast Appearances Late last year, I came across the 80’s movie podcast Two Dollar Late Fee and fell deep down their 100-episode well of neon-soaked nostalgia and positivity. They discuss films and their soundtracks, usually highlighting one song in particular, and often post a companion episode interviewing someone involved with the production. Zak and Dustin have had guests like Eric Roberts (Best of The Best), Andre Gower (Monster Squad), Kurt McKinney (No Retreat No Surrender), Phil Joanou (director of U2’s Rattle & Hum), David Patrick Kelly (T- Bird in The Crow), Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, and so many more! This weekend they drop their interview with Bloodsport writer (and director of JCVD classics Lionheart & Double Impact) Sheldon Lettich, and a few days ago they had me on to talk about my days slinging VHS tapes in their “Tales From The Video Store” bonus pod. That 45 minute chat is a Patreon Exclusive, but my battle with co-host Dustin (who voiced Jake’s dog in the ubiquitous State Farm commercials) over martial arts movie trivia is free on their YouTube page. One of the trivia questions offered me an opportunity to win style-points with an impromptu impression of Two Dollar Late Fee interview alum Eric Roberts. You can see that short clip on their Instagram.


I Must Break This Podcast Episode 96 I had a blast talking Black Water with Sean Malloy on his I Must Break This Podcast. Though he and I were hoping the re-teaming of Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren would have more of a Tango & Cash vibe, we supplied the fun ourselves. Sean wrote the chapter on Black Water in the new BLOODSPURT book from BearManor Media. He also has episodes in which he interviews Black Water writer Chad Law and co-star Patrick Kilpatrick (“The Sandman” from Death Warrant!).


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