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New Year's STEVE

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

20 years ago this evening. In an effort to improve on the bedroom demo (last picture) we'd made the week before of a handful of cover songs, one epic original ("Man In The Field"), the band-jam-endurance-test later dubbed "Whammo!" and a hilariously high-pitched improv ("Going Nowhere Fast"), three pals and I reserved time at WCTV (where I was working at the time) to re-record five tunes in front of three cameras. The performances were not great, but my bandmates' photos captured the session beautifully. The resulting GOING NOWHERE FAST video and cassette necessitated a name for the group of guys playing the music. Thus, "Steve" was formed. The following summer, the members reconvened from their respective colleges, played a handful of gigs, and recorded the IN THE EVENT OF RHYTHM album. If it weren't for this night and these guys, I don't know that I would have ever written any original music as an adult. I think the last time we were all together at the same time was 10 years later, but I think of them all very often and make time to see them whenever possible—almost always creating something new. Whammo, my friends. WHAMMO!


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