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Steve: Musical Chairs live album

Recorded on this day in 2001. As I gear up for a handful of new projects in 2020, I've been fast-tracking the population of In the last six weeks alone, I've added 11 collections to the site--all free to stream and download with bonus items aplenty. The first "Dreaming Out Loud" logo appeared on one of my projects with this crew 20 years ago, so it seemed like a good time to flesh out the library. It's more "record," as in "the sum of the past achievements or actions of a person or organization" than "record label." There are presently 33 offerings there with another half-dozen soon to follow. Many have picture-rich PDF liner notes included in the download bundles. This one was largely put together in 2004 when I made a handful of the newly assembled "Steve" legacy releases available via a Dreaming Out Loud 2004 Christmas catalog. The "catalog" was really an oversized postcard mailed out to family and friends, but there were five CDs and DVDs which could be ordered. This is how "Musical Chairs: LIVE at Café Forty-One Eleven" was described in that mailing: The last of the quirky quintet’s three performances at Norton’s free-will coffee house. Includes rousing renditions of all the tracks from IN THE EVENT OF RHYTHM, as well as blistering covers of “Don’t Drink the Water," "All Along the Watchtower," "Send Me on My Way," "One," and "Miss Sarajevo.” Well... "blistering" is definitely over-stating the quality of the band's performance--except on the closing "Whammo," which can be seen in one of the many video clips on the site.


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