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Conscience Calls: 2020 Mix Album

No one needs reminding that 2020 was a hellacious year. For me, trying times are when I need music most. Whether I'm making it myself, finding comfort and strength in the contributions of friends (Sean, Zach, Kevin!), or luminaries (Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Ani, NIN... NKOTB!), or seeking out new voices to meet the moment (H.E.R.), I have long looked to music to help me process my feelings about myself and the world around me.

“Conscience Calls” is the name of my 17th annual mix album. Links to listen and liner notes @

Though it chronicles a turbulent time, this is one of my favorite mixes I’ve ever assembled. The Coronavirus has forced a sort of worldwide shared experience, and there's a chronology in these songs that I think will resonate with you even when the music itself might not. It's certainly the most diverse collection of songs I've ever assembled, and it is the only time I can recall all of the entries having been released in the calendar year represented.

I hope you find—or are reminded of—something here that adds something positive to your life.


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