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Four Degrees North [EP] vintage album art

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

The latest "Definitive Digital Archive Edition" went up at today. Four Degrees North was a 2004 collaboration between my brother Brian, Jason McIe, and Josh Miller. The resulting four-song EP was never really released, but I've always thought these songs were special and deserving of a proper presentation.

Original 2004 insert design: Jason McIe. 2020 Digital package art direction and design by David Ullman.

Jason did create a homemade CD single for the lead track ("Alone") back when the band was still together, and I carried that black-and-white DIY approach a bit further in fleshing out the rest of the 14-page digital booklet that comes with the DDAE download bundles. Inspired by the existing cover graphic of a car in a driveway and the insert band-credits over the fuel and speed gauges, I used headings from car manuals ("Instruments and Controls," "Technical Data," "Storage," and even "Appearance Materials"). Everything from the band photos to the merchandise mock-ups (also 2004 Jason McIe creations) were printed out and re-copied on coin-fed copy machines to get the right look.

Download PDF • 21.02MB


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