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LWSD Ep. 76 - The Goonies (3 Camera Home-show!)

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

In Long Walk Short Drink Ep. 76, Palmer flies to Minnesota to watch THE GOONIES twice in two days—in costume, at The Alamo Drafthouse, with me! In between screenings, we set up in my “media corner” and rolled three cameras to capture a “Long Walk Short Drink Remembers” discussion of this 1985 kid-adventure-classic. Plus, we do a comparative, three-stop Jucy Lucy cheeseburger challenge. We wolfed down two in a row--first from The Groveland Tap then The Nook. To work up an appetite for the third, we spent the afternoon TILT Pinball Bar before capping off the night with the original at Matt’s Bar. Watch this one on YouTube for the full-effect.


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