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LWSD Ep. 93 - Cabin Kids Vol. 5: Jackson

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Twinkie joins me and Palmer in welcoming a new “Cabin Kid” to the podcast. Our old pal Jackson surprised us by logging on from the Netherlands; and from seven hours in the future, he answers “The Cabin Kid Questionnaire” —reflecting on 23 years in the past. Plus some very real talk about fatherhood! Be sure to check out these visually rich segments in the video embedded above:

  • 1:21:28 - Creating The Dreaming Tree photo book & Cabin Kid Steiner's critical take on the group.

  • 1:27:03 - Jackson, Dave, and fellow Cabin Kids Kramms, Pumps, Bauman, and Marv going to the movies in matching Goodwill leather jackets.

  • 1:39:10 - Footage from the 7/31/1998 Cabin Concert" and Dreaming Out Loud documentary outtakes.

  • 1:41:28 - Hartlzer's (one of the "Founding Four" who built The Cabin) unused Dreaming Out Loud interview.

  • 2:02:01 - Dave staying up all night with Bauman and Pumps and accepting the dare to drink scalded Dr. Pepper.

  • 2:10:45 - Outtake interview footage of 18-year-old Twinkie, Dave, Palmer, and Jackson from Dreaming Out Loud.

  • 2:26:02 - Jackson's 1999 interview clip about his unique way of "Experiencing" music.

  • 2:35:51 -Cabin Kid Logan's thoughts on the cabin from an unused interview segment recorded for the STEVE documentary (Finding Rhythm)

  • 2:39:54 - Jackson's full 1998 "Cabin Documentary" interview answer about his nickname, "Jacko."

  • 2:43:50 -STEVE: FINDING RHYTHM documentary trailer.

  • 2:48:35 - Bauman fighting other cabin kids.

  • 2:50:21 - Clip from Palmer's Picks Ep.2 with Bauman in which Palmer disparages Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  • 2:54:15 - "The One Video." VHS footage from the summer of 1998 of all "The Cabin Kids" set to U2's song, "One"--newly remastered from the original source tapes!

Check out the full episode page here for the various links promised and an MP3 download.


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