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Quarantine Concert: "FrankenStrat" Edition

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Thank you for watching last month’s quarantine mini-concert. It was super touching to receive so much positive feedback in response—especially after not having played for almost five years!

Soon after posting the video of that Livestream, I thought of another short selection of my songs that have taken on new meaning for me in the context of current events. Just as I was beginning to rehearse them, though, I caught a virus (thankfully not “The Virus”) that kept me from being able to sing for a couple of weeks—though I’m sure my playing got a little better in the extra time I had to practice.

If we’re connected on Instagram or Facebook, you may have already seen this plugged-in set sometime over the holiday weekend.

In case you missed, want to watch again, or share with a friend, you can now stream the full quarantine concert part two: “FrankenStrat Edition” on YouTube.

Special thanks to my brother for mixing the audio and adding the little touches that make a big difference.


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