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"Shelter In Place: Quarantine Mix" on Spotify

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Last month, a newer friend asked me for a coronavirus playlist to help him pass the time he was now having to spend at home. He doesn’t yet know me well enough to realize what a task I might make of such a thing. This innocent request resulted in weeks of wracking my brain and culling through my music library for a satisfying mix of songs for the theme at hand. Eventually, I settled on sticking to tunes available on Spotify to prevent myself from spending too much time ripping CDs, matching volumes, and editing the ideal flow between songs. I also figured this would be a good way of connecting folks to the libraries of the artists represented. I did not attempt to cater to any cultural relevance or “coolness.” I simply picked songs that sung to me and whose titles formed a sort of narrative of their own. I hope you find some solace, strength, or comfort from these 48 songs of hope, isolation, resilience, and beauty!

Click the image above or HERE to listen on Spotify.

NOTE: Many of the songs included have previously been featured on my annual mix albums. Check out 15 years of those HERE.


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