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The 100th (and Final) LWSD Podcast

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

The 100th (and FINAL!) episode of Long Walk Short Drink, the podcast I've co-hosted for the last five years is up wherever you listen to podcasts--and I highly recommend watching at least some segments in particular on YouTube. During this EPIC, 5-hour, be-all-to-end-all 100th episode extravaganza, we laugh… we cry… we argue about Star Wars! We pull out all the stops and bring on all the guests.

This is the ultimate Long Walk Short Drink experience. Don't take my word for it, though, hear/see for yourself.

Below are the questions Palmer and I came up with to guide our final voyage:

  1. At the end of a long day, what drink would somebody buy you that would make it better?

  2. What are you reading right now and/or your favorite book?

  3. What are the last 3 movies you saw? Which was your favorite and why?

  4. What’s the last TV show that ate up one of your weekends?

  5. You could order a pizza from literally anywhere right now. Where would it be from and what would the toppings be?

  6. You are starring in a fighting montage in a movie. What song do you want playing in the background?

  7. Cobra Kai or Miyagi Do?

  8. Goonies or Monster Squad?

  9. Cake or pie?

  10. What’s the hardest thing you ever gave up?

  11. You only have one of the 9 canonical Star Wars movies at your disposal for the rest of your life. Which one? Which would you erase from the cannon and why?

  12. Would you rather be trapped in the Mad Max Universe or the Stephen King Universe?

  13. Favorite movie from 1999?

  14. Favorite movie from 1994?

  15. What’s your favorite revenge flick?

  16. Why are the Golden Globes superior to the Oscars?

  17. For a T-Shirt to be considered “the best shirt you have ever worn” what would be screen printed on it?

  18. You’re making an appearance on an LWSD episode 13-32 when Moto was creatively applying theme songs to individuals. What would your theme song be and why?

  19. You are on a cross-country road trip with 4 of your closest buddies. What snacks do you bring and what is your destination?

  20. If your life had a musical soundtrack, and you heard the Cyborg Death Theme (Moto would play that any time we talked about death on the show) what do you imagine you are doing in those final moments to cause that theme to play?


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