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TRUST OBEY ~ FEAR AND BULLETS ~ Devil's Night Special Edition Unboxing Video

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Opening 12/24 of the sold out 2018 "Crow Test Press Bundle" from Enjoy The Ride Records' limited run of John Bergin's "Best-Of" 25 year anniversary edition of his musical collaboration with CROW creator James O'Barr. From FEAR AND BULLETS is a soundtrack album created by John Bergin (Trust Obey) and James O'Barr (author of THE CROW) to accompany THE CROW comic book.

The album was included with a special edition of THE CROW graphic novel originally published by Kitchen Sink Press and Graphitti Designs in 1994. The album was also released as a stand-alone CD in 1998.

To celebrate Fear And Bullets’ 25 year anniversary Enjoy The Ride Records released a special “Devil’s Night” vinyl edition curated by John Bergin. The vinyl collects a “Best-Of” of songs from the original releases, is newly-remastered, and includes two unreleased tracks.

The Pressing is limited to 666 hand numbered copies split across 3 unique color variants. The "Bloodshed" variant is pressed on Red/Black/White Smash colored vinyl with an exclusive blood RED center label & limited to 100 copies. The Black/White Swirl is limited to 233 copies & are both ETR web store exclusive. The third & final variant is a Black/White split colored vinyl, limited to 333 copies & sold exclusively through our good friends at ThinkGeek.

Each album comes housed in a 400gsm jacket with black flood printing on the inside & black poly liner inner sleeve. Additional bonus content only here are: liner notes and an exclusive poster of James O’Barr’s “first-ever Crow drawing from 1980.” This is a must have collector item for any crow fan that is truly to die for!

Trust Obey: Fear And Bullets (Devil’s Night Special Edition Vinyl)


01 Seven Blackbirds (1998 version)

02 C17H19NO3 (1998 version)

03 A Murder Of Crows (1998 version)

04 Fear And Bullets (1994 version)


05 Shattered (previously unreleased 1993 demo)

06 Don’t Look (1998 version)

07 The Crow (1998 version)

08 Despair (previously unreleased 1993 demo)


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