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"Long Walk Short Drink" Podcast Mix Album Soundtrack - Expanded Edition

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

The Long Walk Short Drink Podcast Mix Album Soundtrack is now downloadable (for FREE) in a newly expanded edition HERE.

Originally compiled in 2017 and published on Mixcloud, you can download the whole 27-track mix—plus a six-page PDF detailing the context of the songs in relation to the podcast, as well as related episode links by clicking the "SOUNDTRACK" button @ or going directly to

The free download bundles include nine bonus tracks—our segment intros for [Non] Smoking Stats, Dave Digs, Palmer’s Pleasure, King Corner, Learning From The Internet, Twinkie’s Take, Palmers’ Pick, Sh*t The Bride Says, and even The Dead Zone Book Club!

Learn more, listen, and download HERE.


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